Photographers work either in a photographic studio or in the field. The subjects can be of various types, such as photographing people, news photography or industrial and advertising photography. Photography is a certified trade.

As a photographer, you could work in the media or at an advertising agency or photographic studio. The working environment of photographers has changed significantly with the advent of digital technology and now overlaps considerably with other disciplines such as web design, filmmaking and 3D graphics.

Main tasks

• working on photography for newspapers and magazines
• taking photos in the field; news, nature, landscape and environmental photography
• taking photos for industry and advertising
• using stage lighting when shooting
• recording information regarding subjects
• image processing and post-processing of photographs
• processing photographs in a darkroom
• website and animation design

Competence requirements

Photographers work with a variety of equipment and need to be familiar with optics, lens and colour theory, as well as the most common image processing software programs. As a photographer, it is important to know how to use a camera and associated equipment as well as having mastered different forms of photography.

A photographer must be able to work independently and be well acquainted with the storage of images, digital data and films. Also sharing photos for printing as well as on websites and in screen media.


Photography studies are an approximately three year study program at the secondary school level, including 24 weeks of internship, taught at the Technical College. Fjarmenntaskólinn has also offered studies in art photography in addition to studies at Ljósmyndaskólinn.

Validation of prior learning has taken place and/or may be available.

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