Police officer

The police work to enforce laws and regulations as well as performing various relief and service activities. The job entails preventing offenses through preventive work, but responding to offenses in an appropriate manner.

Main tasks

• general policing duties such as shifts at police stations, calls and traffic control
• receiving complaints and investigating cases of various kinds
• carrying out prevention work and traffic education
• participating in search and rescue operations

Competence requirements

In this job, it is important to have good communication skills and a sense of service. The job can also be very demanding, and it is therefore desirable to be able to show courage and initiative and apply common sense and patience in difficult situations. General physical and mental health is very important in a job as a police officer.


Police science is taught at the University of Akureyri. A two-year diploma program is a total of 120 credits, but it is also possible to complete a 180-credit bachelor’s program in addition to a program for working police officers..

Emphasis is on flexible learning, on-site learning and distance learning.

Police science
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