Welding is a specialty within tinsmithing and is divided into three parts; wire feed welding, plate welding and pipe welding. Welders work in companies where welding is used as an assembly method; in the metal and construction industry, in shipbuilding and in service companies that handle maintenance and repairs. Welding is a certified trade.

Main tasks

• assembling parts by welding
• preparing a welding site considering environmental and safety factors
• preparing workpieces by formatting joints and cleaning surfaces
• selecting the appropriate welding method

Competence requirements

The competency of welders follows the aforementioned tripartite division and is divided into stages, the lowest being a wire feed welder, the next a plate welder and finally a pipe welder. The competency requirements are related to knowledge of the four types of metal welding; pin welding, torch welding, TIG welding and MIG/MAG welding. A welder can obtain an international welding certificate and a certificate of competency in his field.


Borgarholtsskóli offers metal and mechanical engineering courses, but basic studies are available elsewhere.  Tækniskólinn and Verkmenntaskólinn á Akureyri also offer further study courses in tinsmithing. Validation of prior learning has taken place and/or may be available.

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