A chef performs both classic and modern cooking in a variety of ways, from home-cooked family food to multi-course feasts. Chefs work in various places where food is sold, such as in hotels and restaurants, or where cooking is part of a service, such as in canteens. Cooking is a certified trade.

As a chef, you could also handle specialized tasks; exhibitions and presentations where cooking and cuisine come into play.

Main tasks

• receiving raw materials, sorting them, evaluating and handling
• writing and implementing menus
• compiling menus according to different occasions and customer wishes
• cook using all of the most common cooking methods
• planning and supervising work in the kitchen

Competence requirements

As a chef, it is necessary to be able to apply all of the most common cooking methods and to understand the major trends in Icelandic and international cuisine. A chef must be able to work independently, develop and adapt menus, be familiar with food allergies and be aware of the importance of hygiene in his work.


Culinary studies are about four years of study at the secondary school level, including 126 weeks of internship. The study program is offered at Menntaskólinn í Kópavogi and Verkmenntaskólinn á AkureyriValidation of prior learning has taken place and/or may be available.

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