Career counsellors help to develop and shape the study and career path of their clients. The work is thus related to all school levels, continuing education, re-education and the labour market, providing counselling on study and career choices and information about studies, jobs and employment.

Career counsellor is a certified professional title.

Career counsellors work in counselling in schools, educational work in companies and lifelong learning, job search and rehabilitation in the labour market. The projects can be quite different depending on whether they involve counselling in the school system or the business community.

Main tasks

• providing information about studies and jobs
• providing guidance regarding study methods
• personal advice and support
• counselling, advocacy and information dissemination
• work on interest analysis and areas of interest
• assessment and analysis of study and work skills
• dissemination of information on opportunities and availability of studies and jobs

Competence requirements

Career counsellors apply for an operating license to the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, and such a license is granted to those who have completed recognized university study programs in career counselling. In the job, it is necessary to be well acquainted with the Icelandic school system and the business community, and the legal environment for career counselling, in addition to which it is important to respect professional restrictions and confidentiality when appropriate.


Career counselling is a two-year university program at the master’s level after completing a three-year undergraduate degree.

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