Plumbers install and connect heating, drinking water and drainage systems. The job also involves installing various types of specialized piping systems and taking care of their maintenance and renewal. Plumbing is a legally protected job title.

As a plumber, you could work for master plumbers, with energy companies, in utilities or dispensing professional advice in connection with the profession. Plumbers often work with plumbing designers and other craftsmen.

Main tasks

• installing indoor water heating and drinking water systems
• install control systems for heating, pressure testing, adjusting and priming
• installing and connecting sanitary and household appliances
• connecting piping systems to utility systems
• installing snowmelting, water spray, fire protection and heating systems in appropriate places
• installing refrigeration equipment in industrial companies and water piping systems in ships
• advising on material selection and technical solutions

Competence requirements

A plumber needs to be able to design and install heating, water and drainage systems, draw up planning solutions and finishing, and take care of maintenance and repairs.

Plumbers use various tools and machines that are important to know, such as pipe wrenches, spanners, saws, and cutting, drilling, breaking and chopping machines. Pipes of various shapes and sizes are also used, as well as connection equipment and insulation and sealants.


Plumbing study programs are offered at Tækniskólinn, Borgarholtsskóli and Verkmenntaskólinn á Akureyri. The average duration of study is four years, divided into three to four semesters of theoretical studies and 96 weeks of internship. Validation of prior learning has taken place and/or may be available.

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