Printers work in all fields of printing, are familiar with the holistic process of printing and can work within other aspects of it, such as printmaking and bookbinding. Printers receive a work on a printing plate, in photo format or in computerized form, adjust it along with the colour texture and paper in a printing machine, and then print. Printing is a certified trade.

Printers work in locations such as:

• general printworks for printing books, advertisements and more
• newspaper printworks for printing newspapers, brochures and magazines
• packaging printworks for printing packaging, product markings and labels
• digital print shops for a variety of projects in smaller editions

Printers work extensively with others, such as compositors, bookbinders, graphic designers, designers, illustrators, and photographers.

Main tasks

• receiving a project description that specifies how the work is to be carried out
• ensuring print quality
• control printing machinery and the computers and devices that come with it
• taking care of printing machines, cleaning and configuring

Competence requirements

A printer needs to be familiar with the procedures used in the printing industry. This means making job descriptions, running printing plates and preparing data for digital printing, overseeing the day-to-day care of machines and knowing how to punch, fold, perforate, number, emboss and perform surface treatment when finishing a print.


Printing is taught at Tækniskólinn. The average duration of study is three years, divided into four semesters of theoretical studies and 48 weeks of internship.

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