Printmaker / Graphic technician

Printmaking and graphic production are one and the same job. Printmakers handle the pre-processing of printed matter, overseeing the process from the idea stage until the work is ready for printing or publication. The role of a printmaker is therefore to mediate images and data in such a way that receptive interfaces such as printed matter and monitors display them correctly and clearly. Printmaking is a certified trade.

The work of printmakers is largely done with computers, using drawing, image processing and layout software. As a printmaker, you could work in print shops, advertising agencies, or corporate graphic design departments.

Main tasks

The projects handled by printmakers are of three types:

  • layout and data processing
  • image processing and presentation drawing
  • design
Competence requirements

A printmaker / graphic technician needs to be able to receive text and images and process them for printing or publication. Also needed is a good understanding of word processing and text setting, knowing fonts and styles well and having a good command of image composition. As a printmaker, it is necessary to know web design and interface design as well as layout design for television, online media and smart devices.


Graphic production (printmaking) is a study program at secondary school level, taught at Tækniskólinn. The average duration of study is three to four years, including 32 weeks of internship.

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