Museum curators oversee the registration and classification of museum artifacts and participate in the installation of exhibitions as well as receiving guests and guiding them in the exhibition area or museum.

As a museum curator, you could oversee a museum or historical sites. Many museum curators specialize in a particular field, such as nature, art, or history.

Main tasks

• overseeing the day-to-day operating of a museum
• obtaining, storing and displaying items
• installing exhibitions, overseeing their design and theme
• presenting the museum to the public
• keeping artifacts clean

Competence requirements

A museum curator must be very interested in the history and preservation of museum artifacts. Organizational skills, precise work methods and initiative are useful traits in the work of a museum curator, as well as skills in human communication and language and computer skills.


In general, no special education is required to work as a curator, although a variety of degrees can be useful, for example in history, archaeology, art history, ethnology or anthropology. Museum Studies are taught at the University of Iceland as an additional 30 credits and for a master’s degree.

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