Psychologists help both individuals and families with social and emotional difficulties, communication problems and mental health problems. The job involves diagnosis, counselling and treatment using interviews, observations and various psychological tests. Psychologist is a certified professional title.

Psychologists often work closely with relatives of clients, teachers, social workers, developmental therapists, doctors or other professionals. Many psychologists work independently, while others work in hospitals, research institutions, within the school system, in social services or in child welfare.

There are many fields of specialization within psychology. These include clinical psychology, personality psychology, occupational psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology and behavioural analysis.

Main tasks

• individual interviews and group counselling
• analytical work
• education and counselling, for example on prevention, parenting and communication
• research at university or in connection with general work
• courses for the general public, professional groups, companies and institutions

Competence requirements

Psychologists need to be able to communicate and be good at listening to others. It is important to be able to work both independently and with others, since the work environment of psychologists often involves teamwork. Psychologists receive an operating license from the Director of Health and must have completed formally approved specialist training.

A psychologist needs to be responsible for prevention, counselling, diagnosis and the treatment provided. As a psychologist, it is also important to know professional restrictions and to respect confidentiality when appropriate.


Studying for a BS degree in psychology (HÍ) or a BSc degree (HR) is a three-year university study program. Graduate studies for professional qualifications take a minimum of two additional years.  

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