Disinfection technician

Disinfection technicians work within the healthcare system in disinfecting and sterilizing surgical instruments and medical equipment used in operations. The job is to ensure that all equipment, tools and implements that are necessary for inspection or execution of operations are disinfected and sterilized according to the strictest requirements.

Main tasks

• cleaning, disinfecting, drying, inspecting and packaging
• transport of sterile products
• storage of equipment
• monitoring materials and sterilizers

Competence requirements

Disinfection technicians need to be familiar with disinfection and sterilization, tools and materials used in operations. The work requires initiative, independence, accuracy, organizational skills and dexterity, but the job can also be physically challenging.

Knowledge of Icelandic and English is necessary, as well as computer skills and technical knowledge of the equipment used in the job.


Studies in disinfection technology have been offered at Fjölbrautaskólinn í Ármúla as part of Heilbrigðisskólinn’s study program in collaboration with Landspítalinn.

Disinfection technology
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