Mathematicians perform a variety of jobs, not least in connection with the high-tech and IT industry. The work environment is often related to research, teaching and services, in addition to which many mathematicians specialize in fields such as computer science and economics.

Mathematicians work for companies in genetics and life sciences, economics, software, engineering, finance, insurance and heavy industry, as well as teaching and research at university institutions.

Main tasks

• constructing models
• calculations and computer processing
• statistical processing of data
• programming

Competence requirements

In order to start university studies in mathematics, you must have completed a matriculation examination. It is recommended that you have completed at least 24 credits in mathematics at the secondary level. 



Mathematics is taught at the Faculty of Science at the University of Iceland. Undergraduate studies for a BS degree take three years, but in addition, postgraduate studies are available for master’s and doctoral degrees. Examples of specializations in graduate studies are algebra, mathematical analysis, probability, statistics and mathematical physics.

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