Political scientist

Political scientists deal with research related to the behaviour of people in politics, political organizations, the origins and organization of institutions, and ideologies in politics and administration. It is common for political scientists to specialize in the politics of a particular country, period or region, or in a particular side of politics.

As a political scientist, you could, for example, work in the media and information sector, with consulting firms, in international relations, in public administration or with interest groups and pressure groups. Political scientists are also involved in teaching at the secondary and university levels.

Main tasks

• exploring the relationship between politics and other areas of society
• processing data and preparing reports with research results
• utilizing the results of research for practical purposes
• information gathering and promotional work
• advice on policy making

Competence requirements

Political scientists need to be able to explain their research and scholarly work in speech and writing, in Icelandic and foreign languages. It is important to be keep up with current affairs and to be able to communicate ideas and opinions in a credible and determined way.


At the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Iceland, political science is offered for both a BA degree and a master’s degree. There is also a study program in political science, economics and philosophy at Bifröst University.

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