Astronomers or astrophysicists study what goes on outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Their research focuses on the origin, structure, movements and evolution of solar systems, planets, galaxies, stars and other celestial objects.

Astronomy is based on physics and mathematics, where high-tech tools are used to gather huge amounts of information and analyze them with the help of computer programs that simulate movements and developments in the vast universe.

Most astronomers work at universities or related research institutions, such as in meteorology. Astronomers can also, for example, teach science subjects at secondary school level.

Main tasks
  • information gathering and analysis
  • teaching and research
  • writing
Competence requirements

Astronomy-related jobs require a strong interest in science and technology, especially mathematics and physics. It is important to have an eye for detail and organization, as there are strict requirements for accuracy and credibility in the field.

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The University of Iceland offers a study program to a BS degree in physics with an emphasis on astronomy. To work as an astronomer, you usually have to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a university and a doctoral program to conduct research at university level.

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