Parking attendants monitor chargeable car parking spaces and impose a fee for vehicles that have not paid for parking. Parking attendants also monitor vehicles that park illegally and monitor the functionality of parking meters.

In your job as a parking attendant, you are in close contact with the public, other municipal employees and colleagues. A parking attendant follows instructions from superiors at an office.

Main tasks

• monitoring parking lots and areas
• imposing an additional parking fee and/or a fee for parking violations on vehicles, using special equipment
• receiving suggestions regarding parking and markings

Competence requirements

A parking attendant must have a good knowledge and understanding of traffic laws, good Icelandic and English skills and a basic knowledge of computers. Parking attendants need to have a great sense of service, patience and communication skills as well as being in good physical condition. They must be able to work both independently and in groups.


The job does not require special education, but various courses and vocational training are available.

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