Learning support assistant

Learning support assistants help students academically and socially with the aim of increasing their skills and independence. These are often students who need special resources due to learning difficulties, social circumstances, disabilities or developmental variance.

Learning support assistants work in preschools, primary schools and secondary schools. As a learning support assistant, you work in close collaboration with teachers or special needs teachers, according to their plan and guidance.

Main tasks

• assisting students in being active in school activities
• adapting assignments to the student’s abilities
• reinforcing positive student behaviour
• guidance on proper posture, use of stationery and more
• assisting students with activities of daily life if needed
• supporting students in social interaction
• accompanying and assisting students on field trips

Competence requirements

A learning support assistant must have the ability to acquaint themselves with the circumstances of individual students and be able to attend to their different needs. It is important, for example, to be familiar with the resources available to students with disabilities, to be able to assist in teaching theoretical and practical subjects and to help students with learning difficulties.

Learning support assistants play an important role as role models and they need to be able to read situations and respond appropriately. A learning support assistant either accompanies one student or moves between classes to assist more than one student.


Learning support assistant studies are available at Borgarholtsskóli and Verkmenntaskóli Austurlands. The average study period is two to three years, including 12 weeks of internship.

Validation of prior learning and/or a learning support assistant gateway may also be available, for those with work experience or previous studies to build on.

Learning support assistant studies
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