A pool guard / bath attendant makes sure that the rules in the swimming pool area are followed, takes into account the risk of accidents and the safety of guests as well as solving problems that arise around swimming pools, hot tubs and outdoor areas. Indoors, pool guards monitor the condition of swimming pools with the help of surveillance screens and intercom systems.

As a pool guard / bath attendant, you could work in a public or school swimming pool. The job involves a great deal of interaction with pool guests.

Main tasks

• monitoring the pool area and activities of pool guests
• identifying imminent hazards and preventing breaches of safety rules
• monitoring the quality of pool water and taking samples
• assist those who are having difficulties in the pool area
• inspection and maintenance of swimming toys and equipment

Competence requirements

As a pool guard, it is necessary to have a good attention span, be able to make decisions quickly and to react quickly in the event of an accident. Knowledge of first aid is required and such qualifications are reviewed regularly. Surveillance cameras and intercom systems are used in the job to send messages to employees or guests. As a pool guard, it is good to be physically fit and a good swimmer.


The Red Cross has offered courses that are useful in the work of pool guards.

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