Technologists work to apply theoretical knowledge in the business world. The work includes innovation, product design and the development of new solutions for construction, structural design, electronic systems or machinery. Technologist is a certified professional title.

As a technician, you could, for example, work in engineering or consulting firms, in computer and software companies, in the fishing industry, or in financial or telecommunications companies.

Main tasks

• designing structures such as geothermal power plants or electronic and telecommunications systems
• consultation for production companies
• project management, planning, and quality management
• product design and product development
• design and installation of machinery

Competence requirements

Technologists need to be interested in technology and technical solutions, as well as having the ability to solve complex problems and design work processes. Accurate and organized work methods are important traits, as well as being skilled at making decisions, managing tasks and taking responsibility.


Three to four years of university studies must be completed to obtain certification as a technologist. Reykjavík University has four subjects for a BSc degree; construction engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical and energy engineering.

At the University of Iceland, there are two study programs; a 90 credits undergraduate diploma program and studies for a BS degree.

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