A technical draftsman works on drawings and drafts as well as design work, presentation and publication of drawings. The work is based on working drawings, aerial photographs or instructions from designers, and the work includes basic drawings and drawings of houses, interiors, landscapes, plans or machines. The projects are usually done in two-dimensional or three-dimensional drawing software programs.

As a technical draftsman, you could, for example, work in an architect’s drawing studio, an engineering studio, with landscape architects or with the state and municipalities.

Main tasks

• completing drawings, correcting and editing them
• inserting captions and comments
• combining parts of drawings
• finishing drawings and providing information about them
• promotional work, layout design and installation of smaller exhibitions
• interaction with printing offices on printing, finishing and distribution of drawings

Competence requirements

As a technical draftsman, meticulousness is a great advantage, but in addition it is important to be organized in the graphic presentation of drawings and data. A technical draftsman works a lot on the computer and needs to have a good grasp of software related to the presentation and publication of drawings.

A technical draftsman needs to be familiar with simple image processing and parts such as drawing bases, drawing files, drawing number systems and copyright.


Technical drawing is taught at Tækniskólinn. The average duration of study is three years.

Technical drawing
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