Horse trainers evaluate the temperament of horses and decide how best to conduct their training. The job involves gaining the trust of horses, preparing them for their role as riding horses and training them in responding to key commands.

A trainer can work independently or with companies in the field of equestrianism, such as horse breeding or at a training center.

Main tasks

Getting a horse used to:

• being caught
• carrying a bridle and a saddle
• letting a person mount and dismount them
• standing bound and be shoed
• be ridden at a walk, trot, or gallop
• responding to the main command off the ground and mounted

Competence requirements

Horse trainers need to be very interested in horses, their temperament, health and well-being. Knowledge of the history of the Icelandic horse and its uniqueness is desirable, along with intuition and sensitivity to the temperament and well-being of horses. Patience, determination and an independent work ethic are important qualities in the work of a horse trainer, in addition to being in good physical condition.


The Faculty of Equine Studies at Hólar University offers a two-year course in horse training for a diploma. An entrance exam in equestrianism must be passed.

Equestrian studies
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