Odontologists work with education and advice, planning and implementation of dental care in addition to the clinical work in the field of dental health for which they are qualified. Odontologist is a certified healthcare profession.

Odontologists work in dental offices, in schools, in clinics and medical facilities and treat all age groups in their work.

Main tasks
  • examining teeth and gums and recording disease cases
  • examining mucous membranes and bite patterns
  • taking x-rays
  • tooth cleaning and treatment of periodontal diseases
  • advising on oral hygiene
  • fluoride treatment and filling fissures
Competence requirements

Odontologists receive an operating license from the Directorate of Health and must have completed studies in odontology at university level. An odontologist needs to be responsible for the diagnosis and treatment provided. It is important to respect professional limitations and seek assistance or refer the patient to another healthcare professional if appropriate.


Odontology is a three-year program at university level. The program is not available in Iceland and most Icelandic odontologists have studied in Scandinavia.

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