Dentists diagnose congenital defects and acquired diseases in the mouth and treat such diseases. The job involves promoting general dental protection through advice and teaching about dental hygiene and dental cleaning, but also treating dental diseases with various methods. In their work, dentists often use X-rays of teeth and jaws for diagnosis. Dentist is a certified healthcare profession.

Dentists can run their own dental practice, conduct research and teaching or manage dental care on behalf of the state and municipalities. Many dentists specialize in one or more areas of expertise in the field, such as pediatric dentistry or orthodontics.

Main tasks

• patient interviews and general examination
• treatment of tooth decay
• tartar cleaning and treatment of dental diseases
• installation of gold and porcelain crowns, bridges and artificial gums
• treatment of dental and bite deviations

Competence requirements

Dentists receive an operating license from the Director of Health and must have completed a BS degree in dentistry. Additional requirements are in effect for specialist licenses in 12 different fields of expertise. A dentist must be able to be responsible for the dental prevention and advice provided, in addition to which it is important to respect confidentiality.


The Candidate program in Dentistry is a six-year university study program for the Cand.odont degree at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Iceland. The faculty also offers research-related postgraduate studies.

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