Denture maker 

A denture maker’s work consists of replacing damaged and extracted teeth with dental prosthetics, abutments, bridges, crowns and dental implants. As a rule, a dentist first makes a mould of the palate and teeth, and a denture maker then constructs the teeth and palate based on a plaster model. Denture makers work with plastic, metal or porcelain. Denture maker is a certified healthcare profession.

A denture maker can specialize in certain tasks, but most often works in collaboration with a dentist and helps, for example, to measure and fit dentures to a client. Various devices and tools are used in the work, such as grinders, bite simulators, furnaces, knives, pliers and hammers.

Main tasks
  • making a cast of dentures and shaping and casting prosthetics
  • finishing by milling, grinding and polishing
  • constructing free complete or partial palate prosthetics to replace teeth that have fallen out
  • constructing single crowns, fillings and bridges
  • make equipment for orthodontics, such as palate prosthetics and plastic plates
Competence requirements

Denture makers receive an operating license from the Director of Health and must have completed a bachelor’s degree in denture making. An operating licence as a clinical denture maker carries additional requirements. As a denture maker, it is necessary to be familiar with professional restrictions and to respect confidentiality when applicable.


Studies in denture making are a three-year university program leading to a bachelor’s degree at the University of Iceland’s Faculty of Dentistry.

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