Developmental therapist

Developmental therapists work to support and protect the interests of disabled people as well as to strengthen their participation in society. The job involves training physically and mentally disabled individuals towards self-sufficiency and increased all-round development, providing them with care and striving to increase their skills in daily life. Developmental therapist is a certified healthcare profession.

Developmental therapists often consult closely with parents, physicians, teachers, and other professionals and re-evaluate goals based on their reviews. As a developmental therapist, you could work in various parts of the community, such as schools, day care centers for children, cohabitation centers, geriatric homes or institutions for the disabled.

Main tasks
  • examining the client’s circumstances and background
  • drafting individualized treatment plans
  • performing a developmental assessment and setting training goals
  • assisting and training clients in the activities of daily living
  • guiding and encouraging clients to take part in leisure activities
Competence requirements

Developmental therapists receive an operating license from the Director of Health and must have completed a BA degree in developmental therapy. A developmental therapist must be able to be responsible for the information, education, assistance and counselling provided. As a developmental therapist, it is important to respect professional restrictions and confidentiality when appropriate.


Developmental therapy is a three-year university study program for a BA degree. At the Faculty of Sports, Leisure and Developmental Coaching at the University of Iceland, it is also possible to pursue a master’s degree in the field.

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