Statisticians interpret and mediate statistical data, monitor trends and measure impact. Calculations and mathematical analyses are carried out to solve various types of problems, usually with the help of computer technology.

The term “data science” is often used for the use of statistics and machine learning to gain knowledge and solve problems based on large amounts of data from computer systems. There are many fields of specialization. In biology and medicine, for example, it is possible to analyze processes and work with statistics from measurements, and in the insurance sector, probability calculations are performed.

Statisticians can have a wide range of careers, for example in medicine, social sciences, industry, finance, public administration or in relation to research, both in public institutions and in the private sector.

Main tasks

– analyzing and interpreting data
– using mathematical models to analyze uncertainty or chance
– analyzing complex causal relationships
– mathematical models and risk analyses
– advising on what data should be collected and how much
– writing reports and scientific articles
– giving courses and lectures on statistics

Competence requirements

Statisticians need to be interested in mathematics and various practical calculations. It is good to have organizational skills and precision and be able to think creatively and in terms of finding solutions. It is also important to be able to explain and communicate simply in speech and writing, as well as having interpersonal skills.

Statistics is constantly evolving with ever new tasks. Statisticians therefore need to keep a close eye on new fields and methods.

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There are many options available, as it is possible to specialize in statistics within many fields of study, such as political science or sociology. At the University of Iceland, there is a study program for a master’s degree in statistics following a bachelor’s degree, and at the University of Reykjavík, a master’s program in data science is available.

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