Computer scientists set up computer equipment and oversee the operation, maintenance and changes of hardware and software. The job involves a variety of tasks related to information technology, databases, web design, web management and programming. Computer scientist is a certified professional title.

As a computer scientist, you could work in many different places, such as computer departments of companies or software and technology companies, often in collaboration with other specialists such as engineers, systems engineers and electronics engineers.

Main tasks

• creating and building applications and software systems
• identifying needs in the field of information technology
• programming new systems, installing them, and defining usage rules
• software maintenance; modifying programs, systems, and manuals
• following innovations in the field
• developing tools and methods to improve the public’s computer environment
• teaching and research

Competence requirements

A computer scientist must be very interested in computers and their functionality. It is important to be perceptive about numbers and logic, as well as being solution-oriented and able to analyze problems quickly and efficiently. The work of a computer scientist is varied and requires great precision and patience.


Undergraduate studies in computer science are a three-year university study program for a BS – degree at the University of Iceland and a BSc – degree at Reykjavík University. Postgraduate studies are also available at both universities for a master’s degree.

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