Music teachers teach musicology, music history, listening, composition and ensemble, to name a few examples. The job also involves organizing and training in music-related material, developing study materials and organizing events.

Music teachers work at all school levels, in public music schools, private schools, and/or on their own. Many specialize in a particular field, such as piano or singing lessons, music theory, or choral conducting.

Main tasks

• organizing teaching according to the curriculum
• training students in playing instruments and singing
• writing and adapting study materials
• directing band or choir rehearsals and conducting at concerts
• conducting courses in singing, playing instruments or teaching music
• preparing students for exams and evaluating work and academic achievement
• examiner work

Competence requirements

As a music teacher, it is important to have an interest and knowledge of the main currents and trends in music and to think creatively. Interpersonal skills, organization and initiative are beneficial traits, as well as the ability to play an instrument. As a music teacher, it is good to have basic skills playing as many instruments as possible as well as knowledge of computer software used in teaching.


Music, drama and dance are one of twelve electives in the education of primary school teachers at the University of Iceland, but a master’s degree is required to obtain a certified professional qualification as a teacher at primary and secondary school level.

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