The work environment of property managers can be very diverse. Thus, the job can involve building supervision for smaller companies or educational institutions, or in residential buildings or larger buildings such as sports facilities. It can also range from light maintenance of premises to overseeing a technological environment with computer equipment.

Main tasks

• opening premises in the morning and closing in the evening
• monitoring compliance with house rules, for example on hygiene and noise
• protecting property from damage
• monitoring water consumption, heating and ventilation systems
• simple repairs and maintenance
• cooperation with craftsmen for major repairs
• overseeing the cleaning and hiring of cleaners

Competence requirements

A property manager needs to have communication skills and organizational skills, as well as being able to work independently and take initiative. The job also requires computer skills and knowledge of various types of building management systems such as access, fire safety and security systems. Property managers should preferably be skilled at doing manual repairs and have a vocational education that is suitable for the job.


In general, there is no formal requirement for education to work as a property manager, but various types of vocational education can be very useful.


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