Shift manager

A shift manager at a fast food restaurant or café manages the day-to-day work and is responsible for the location in the absence of a supervisor. A shift manager must be able to cover all jobs as well as ensuring that work procedures are followed, such as between shifts or at closing.

The role of the shift manager is to have an overview, assist colleagues when needed and otherwise promote their well-being and safety in the workplace.

The shift manager may report to a store manager, restaurant manager or operations manager.

Main tasks
  • sales of goods and services
  • dissemination of information
  • presentation of the product and workplace
  • training of new employees and staffing due to staff absences
  • organizing shifts and settling books at the end
  • HACCP measurements, quality control and registration
  • overseeing cleaning
  • inventory control and receiving goods
Competence requirements

A shift manager needs to be well acquainted with the rights and obligations in the labour market, as well as communication channels at their workplace in order to be able to mediate information between shifts to superiors and colleagues. It is also important to be able to respond to suggestions from customers or communication difficulties in the workplace or between employees and customers.


There is no formal requirement for education to work as a shift manager, but various types of work-related courses may be available.

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