Meteorologists collect weather data, process it and provide weather information with weather forecasts or conduct meteorological research.

Most meteorologists work in meteorological offices or laboratories, sometimes in connection with outdoor field research. Meteorologists can also specialize in computer processing, meteorological communications, avalanche and iceberg research, or meteorological research aimed at improving weather forecasts.

Main tasks

• making weather forecasts and disseminating weather information
• making general weather forecasts for the country and the fishing areas
• monitoring the weather and issuing warnings if necessary
• making computer models to predict the weather
• providing the media with weather information or reporting on the weather and weather forecasts

Competence requirements

A meteorologist must have good analytical skills as well as being proficient in the processing of numbers and data. Good computer skills are essential, as is the ability to solve problems. It is important to be interested in the science, environment and nature and to be able to work in a team. Good communication skills in speech and writing are also highly beneficial.


University studies in science subjects such as physics and mathematics are the most common basis for meteorologists, who otherwise have to study abroad.

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