The field of work of engineers is very diverse, as there are many specialties. The work of engineers is mainly related to design, planning, planning, organization, management, supervision and research. In most instances, computer technology and software development are a major part of the job. Engineer is a legally protected job title.

There are three main branches of engineering; environmental and civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and mechanical and industrial engineering, but there are also many sub-disciplines, such as chemical engineering, financial engineering, mechatronics engineering, biomedical engineering, software engineering and engineering management, all of which can be studied at Icelandic universities.

Engineers work in many different places, such as engineering firms, financial and healthcare institutions and manufacturing, software, consulting or industrial companies.

Main tasks
  • Electrical and computer engineers mainly carry out design and planning work, developing and designing various electrical and electronic equipment for industry, transport, telecommunications and electricity generation. Much of work is carried out using computers.
  • Mechanical and industrial engineers work, among other things, with company, production and marketing management, organization and consultation, design, and planning, as well as supervisory and research work.
  • Environmental and civil engineers work, among other things, on design, planning and management of projects in the field of transport and construction, on hydropower development, environmental assessment, and on supervision and maintenance of structures.
Competence requirements

Engineers must complete a master’s degree in engineering from a university in accordance with laws on the certification of several professional titles of specialists in technology and design disciplines. As an engineer, it is important to have a good general knowledge of the basics of engineering, be interested in technological innovations and be good at working both independently and in teams with others.


The various fields of engineering are taught at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the University of Iceland and the Faculty of Engineering at Reykjavík University.

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