Event manager

An event manager is responsible for organizing and managing various events such as meetings, conferences, parties, town festivals or art and sports events. The work consists of the whole process from idea to implementation according to the client’s wishes.

The job involves a project management, personnel management and communication with partners and stakeholders.

Main tasks

• needs analysis
• organization and planning; finance, sales, communication, security, implementation
• preparation, i.e., contracting and ensuring that the required permits are in place
• recruiting contractors or staff
• registration, reception and customer service
• project management

Event managers usually work independently and are responsible for events.

Competence requirements

As an event manager, it is very important to be able to keep an overview of various work components, assign projects and organize the work according to the nature and size of the events at each time. Communication and management skills are important, as well as being able to respond to challenging and unexpected events and to work under considerable pressure.


Hólar University offers one-year diploma studies in event management, in addition to which courses have been offered at Bifröst University and Lýðskólinn á Flateyri.

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