A sommelier specializes in serving wine and pairing wine and food. Sommeliers are knowledgeable about wine and stronger spirits, and which wines go well with each dish.

Sommeliers generally work in upscale restaurants, hotels and bars. In many countries abroad, sommeliers are involved in importing wines as well as writing articles about wines in newspapers and magazines.

Main tasks
  • ensuring that wines are stored in optimal conditions and temperatures
  • organizing wine cellars and ensuring proper price labelling
  • preparing wine lists and educating staff about wine, pairing with food and proper service
  • presenting wine lists to guests and telling them about new or interesting wines
  • suggesting appropriate wines with an emphasis on pairing wine and food
  • ordering wines according to the needs and supply of the establishment
  • knowing wine glasses and what type of glass goes with each wine
Competence requirements

A sommelier needs to have extensive knowledge of wine, wine serving and pairing of wine and food. It is necessary to be service-oriented, have good communication skills and be able to work under pressure.


Sommelier is not a legally protected job title in Iceland, but a number of schools abroad and international organizations provide education and training for sommeliers. Furthermore, Serving studies are also offered at Menntaskólinn í Kópavogi.

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