Truck driver

Truck drivers perform the transport of goods, either in their own truck or on behalf of a transport company.

As a truck driver, you are in contact with other drivers but also those who send and receive goods, such as staff at cargo terminals.

Main tasks
  • picking up goods before setting off
  • sorting goods by weight and type
  • truck maintenance
  • keep track of information on shipping, roads, and weather
  • filling out registration forms and other papers
Competence requirements

As a truck driver, it is important to know roads and traffic signs well. It is important to be able to work independently and to show patience and courtesy both when communicating with customers and when in traffic. Being in good physical condition is also important, as the work can be physically demanding.


To work as a truck driver, a driving license responding to the size of the truck is needed. Sometimes it is also required that the driver has completed a so-called ADR course for drivers transporting dangerous goods. Furthermore, machinery operation rights are often required, for example on forklifts.

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