The job of a product development manager is to develop products and services according to certain work processes and the policy of the company in question. A product development manager works across departments and is responsible for and manages teamwork where projects are formulated and risk analyzed before they are implemented and their results are finally evaluated.

Planning takes place in collaboration with the management of the company, but the work also revolves around communication with suppliers and various partners and stakeholders.

Main tasks
  • identifying target groups and potential opportunities
  • drafting proposals for new products
  • defining and prioritizing tasks
  • coordinate working methods and information provision
  • assessment of competition, domestically and abroad
  • performance measurement
Competence requirements

As a product development manager, it is very important to know the market and the field in question, as well as having a good overview of the project status at any given time. It is important to be able to follow defined processes, schedule tasks and work independently.


Various types of studies at the university level can be a good preparation, for example related to innovation and business development (HÍ), product design (LHÍ) or a master craftsman’s qualification.


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