Is intended to make it easier for people to decide on a study or work path based on their own interests and strengths.

Is free of charge but can be important to help you find the right path.

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Career counseling involves assisting in the search for information and finding ways to improve learning skills and work skills.

This involves consultants at lifelong learning centers, universities, under the auspices of professional councils or experts in validation of prior learning.


In businesses and schools

Primary schools

Part of the schools’ specialist services with an emphasis on general welfare and students’ future plans.

Secondary schools

Students have a legal right to the services of educated career counselors.


Diverse support, such as study choices, study methods and preparation for job search.

Labour market

Emphasis on lifelong learning, job search and rehabilitation in the labour market.

Database - counseling

Nanna Imsland, career counselor at Menntaskólinn á Egilsstöðum (Egilsstaðir Junior College), has compiled a detailed database with information that can be used by teachers, counselors, students and parents.

Career education

Systematic education about study paths and the job sector supports well-informed and well-considered study and career choices. Material and ideas for counselors, teachers or others who are interested in such education can be found on the IÐAN website about studies and jobs.

Other sources of information

There are many types of information sources about jobs, study paths and counseling in Iceland. For a job search, the main source is the website of the Directorate of Labour and VIRK – back to work. The Multicultural Center provides information services for immigrants residing in Iceland. Evaluation of foreign university studies is carried out by Enic-Naric in Iceland and information on studies abroad can be found on the FaraBara website. Trades and crafts are specially promoted on a website on study and work, and a variety of information for young people can be found on the Áttavitinn website.

Information on enrollment in upper secondary school is available on the website of the Directorate of Education, and HvaðSvo presents possibilities after completing special studies. Information on career counseling can also be found on the websites of most comprehensive schools, secondary schools and universities, not to mention counseling that is available at lifelong learning centers throughout the country.

The European Union Education Program also offers interesting material.

One step at a time

Career guidance

Career education

Diverse study options and their connection to the labour market.

Study and job presentations

Organization of presentations of particular study programs or workplaces.

Personal counseling

Assistance in looking at issues from a different perspective if something is going wrong.

Suitable working methods

Organization, goals, time management, exams and resources available.

From studies to work

Interests, strengths. Job search and job interviews.

Career changes

Providing information about studies and jobs. Making CVs and resume folders.

Further information

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